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  ME’scopeVES™ von Vibrant Technology Inc. - Basispaket und verfügbare Optionen
ME’scopeVES™ - Basispaket und verfügbare Optionen
ME’scopeVES™ ist eine modular aufgebaute Software, die neben dem Basispaket VT-620 die nachstehenden Optionen beinhalten kann:
Visual ODS™
Interactive animated display of Operating Deflection Shapes and Mode Shapes from multi-channel time or frequency data
Advanced Signal Processing
Time & frequency waveform analysis, FFT & IFFT, waveform cut, copy & paste, waveform integrate & differentiate, waveform math, Auto & Cross spectra, PSDs, ODS FRFs, multiple time & frequency Inputs, multiple Outputs, multi-reference FRFs, Multiple & Partial Coherence, Transfer Path Analysis, narrow & octave band analysis, acoustic intensity, sound power, vibro-acoustic shapes, more
Modal Analysis
SDOF & MDOF modal parameter estimation, FRF synthesis, MAC, CoMAC, SDI, more
Advanced Modal Analysis
Multiple reference modal parameter estimation, Stability diagram, Pole diagram, OMA modal parameter estimation from output-only measurements, OMA mode shape scaling, more
Structural Dynamics Modification
Explore structural modifications using a modal model & FEA modification elements. Uses a library of industry-standard finite elements (masses, springs, dampers, rods, beams, plates, solids). Includes modal sensitivity, sub-structuring, tuned absorbers, more
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