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  Compact Analysis – First Steps into Sound and Vibration Analysis
Compact Analysis (Code 5010)
First Steps into Sound and Vibration Analysis
Compact Analysis is an ArtemiS SUITE module which is focused on the basic functions and the ideal tool for tasks that only require a few clicks.
The key feature of the module is its ease of use: The available analyses are provided with carefully-chosen default settings so that acoustic evaluations may be conducted with minimal training.
Even occasional users or those requiring only a small set of tools may work like a pro:
The module contains the same calculation and presentation features as the expert systems, while deliberately offering the most important basic functions with chosen default settings and a simplified user interface.
Thus it provides an easy entry into sound and vibration analysis.
Screenshot Compact Analysis
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As part of the modular software solution    ArtemiS suite you will be using the functional elements of
  ArtemiS suite Basic Framework ASM 00. Thereby you will have automatic access to functions like import, export and documentation of files, generation of tolerance curves and many other tools.
Compact Analysis Project allows you to analyze recordings made e.g. by the stand-alone front ends
  SQobold or    SQuadriga II. In connection with    ArtemiS suite Data Acquisition Module ASM 04 you can also activate, via HEAD Recorder, all front ends supported by HEAD acoustics, and record the files on the hard disk of your computer.
All analysis functions in the Compact Analysis Project are available without needing any additional modules. You can directly calculate order spectra, and psychoacoustic analyses such as loudness or sharpness.
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