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  HEADlab - labPWR I.1 - Power box (40W) (Code 3711)
HEADlab Modul labPWR I.1 - Power box (40W) (Code 3711)
The Power Box labPWR I.1 is used for uninterruptible power supply of HEADlab systems with a total consumption of the connected modules not exceeding 40 W.
HEADlab Module labPWR I.1 - Power box (40W)
Front and rear view

Even without an external power source, the integrated battery of the labPWR I.1 feeds the connected HEADlab systems (e.g. 1½ hours for a system including a controller labCTRL I.2 and 5 connected labV6 modules).

An integrated LED display shows the charge status of the battery (in 20 % steps), which can also be scanned with an accuracy of 1 % via the controller
labCTRL I.2. The Power Box guarantees uninterruptible switching between external supply and battery operation.
The Power Box labPWR I.1 works silently (no fan necessary) and is rugged.
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