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  HSW II.1 - Product Description
HSW II.1 (Code 2952) - Subwoofer with power amplifier for high quality playback
The HEAD subwoofer that is especially suitable for high-quality playback in a vehicle environment.
For example, to perform true-to-original playback of vehicle noise in a    SoundCar from HEAD acoustics, it is necessary to include low-frequency airborne sound components for playback of an acoustic driving scenario.
That way, the sound balance is as realistic as possible and thus provides a solid basis for the subjective evaluation of the driving noise. This is ensured by the HSW II.1, which can be easily installed in the trunk thanks to its comparatively compact dimensions.
In combination with the high performance power amplifier the HSW II.1 forms an optimal playback system.
Realistic playback of soundscapes in a vehicle environment (e.g.    SoundCar from HEAD acoustics or the mobile version of the    HEAD 3D Simulation System H3S)
HSW II.1 - Front and rear view
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