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labO2 - Download Overview
Data Sheets
The data sheets contain a short product description, a technical description and information about the application possibilities of the respective product.
Subject Content
labO2 (Code 3731) Playback-Equalizer for 2-channel-playback via subwoofers
0,7 MB
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Recommended Components  
HDA IV.1/2 (Code 2488/2489) HEADphone Distribution Amplifier
for 4/8 dynamic headphones
1,3 MB
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Recommended headphones for labO2-V1        
HD V.1 (Code 2495) Dynamic, closed headphones
0,3 MB
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Application Notes Nach oben
Answers to frequently asked questions about theoretical basics as well as practical application examples, organized by topic.  
Subject Content
Binaural Measurement,
Analysis and Playback
Recordings with an Artificial Head
Equalization of an Artificial Head Recording
Equalization Interface
Binaural Recordings with Other Recording Devices
Playback of Binaural Recordings
1,7 MB
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Notes on Performing and Playing Back Binaural Measurements
Artificial Head Recordings
Playback of Sound Recordings
0,1 MB
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