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labP2 / labP2-V1 (Code 3732 / 3732-V1)
Headphone equalizer for 2-channel-playback via headphones
The playback equalizer labP2 and labP2-V1 allow realistic playback via high-quality headphones. With the equalizer function it is possible to play back recordings using the deployed filter with the correct equalization. This allows aurally accurate playback to include human hearing in the evaluation of noise events.
Via our software    ArtemiS suite or via the built-in display with a rotary control switch, operation is easy and intuitive.
Each labP2(-V1) unit provides two independent headphone outputs, which can be calibrated and equalized separately, so that the playback resembles a sound impression similar to the original sound field.
labP2 and labP2-V1 can be connected with the equalizer labO2 (or labO2-V1) to a synchronized playback system which equalizes headphones and subwoofer correctly, compensates delays between headphone and subwoofer signal, and allows calibrated playback.
Scope of application:
Aurally accurate playback of binaural recordings via headphones
Hearing tests and acoustical benchmarking
Target sound development
labP2 - Front and rear view
Click here for a detailed view
labP2-V1 - Front view
Click here for a detailed view

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