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  PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Download Overview
PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Software for the Binaural Transfer Path Synthesis - Download Overview
Data sheets
The data sheets contain a short product description, a technical description and information about the application possibilities of the respective product.
Subject Content
PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) (Code 4914) Data sheet PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS)
2,4 MB
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HXL (Code 2967) Data sheet HXL
0,2 MB
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Brochures Nach oben
Our colored brochures give you a general overview of the features of our products.  
Subject Content
BTPA/BTPS Brochure Introduction in BTPA/BTPS,
PROGNO[I]SE and the H3S-interface
0,4 MB
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Most of the data material is provided in a pdf file format. To open these files you will need the program Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the corresponding software. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
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