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SoundSeat (Code 7040)
Multimodal playback system for vehicle interior noise
Scientific research proves that the validity of a perceptive auditory assessment of vehicle interior noise is highly context-sensitive. Compared to headphone-only playback, the authenticity of the simulation can be greatly improved by playing the noise signals in a realistic environment and allowing the user to control it interactively.
SoundSeat provides realistic driving feeling by combining airborne and structure-borne sound playback with real vehicle controls.
With the H3S simulation software developed as a perfect match for SoundSeat, subjects can operate SoundSeat like a real vehicle: They can accelerate, brake and shift gears, while noise and vibrations realistically adapt to the current driving situation in real time. On a big screen, subjects can watch the corresponding visual scenery and thus obtain a realistic overall impression of the driving situation.
Even without H3S, SoundSeat is excellently suited for non-interactive playback of sounds and vibrations in a vehicle context, e.g. for rating and comparing sound quality in connection with the SQuare jurytesting software.
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