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SQala - ArtemiS suite Jury Testing Module
(Basic Code 5050) - (Net Code 5051) - (Server Code 5058) - (Client Code 5059)
SQala is a modular listening test software in ArtemiS suite for creating and performing listening tests.
SQala in use
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SQala is characterized by its straightforward, solution-oriented user interface. For the creation of listening tests, a modern, clearly arranged page layout is provided, which makes it easy to create both simple and complex listening tests in a very short time. The listening tests can be customized, saved, and reused as needed for various listening test scenarios.
Modular listening test software
Creating and performing listening tests
Straightforward, solution-oriented and intuitive user interface
Individual design options
The types of listening tests supported are Category Judgement, Paired Comparison, and Semantic Differential. For the supervision and management of the tests, easy-to- use monitoring and control  tools are provided, helping the supervisor to keep control and overview of the tests at any time. Sessions can be created and interactively controlled conveniently. The results of the listening tests are saved to the SQala Server.
For preparation and post-processing, SQala provides seamless access to a wide range of functions of ArtemiS suite.

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