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3PASS lab / 3PASS flex - Product Description
3PASS lab serves to preserve and reproduce the essential spatial characteristics of background noise which makes the system valuable for the development of complex background noise reduction algorithms. This is of particular importance for assessing the real life performance of modern smartphones, especially those with multiple microphones.
3PASS flex is particularly suited for multi point noise simulation (MPNS) with flexible microphone and loudspeaker arrays, e.g. as required for the performance assessment of modern car hands-free systems with multiple microphones.
Both 3PASS lab and 3PASS flex allow the automated digital system equalization (cf. below and section “Features”). Owners of the legacy systems HAE-BGN/HAE-car can easily upgrade to 3PASS lab/3PASS flex without requiring a new front end.
Major components of the system are:
Software 3PASS lab (for use in laboratories) or 3PASS flex (for car cabins and other use cases)  
Measurement front end labBGN
(for background noise playback and microphone connection)
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Microphone array MSA I and artificial head HMS II.3
(for sound recordings and system equalization with 3PASS lab)
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Flexible microphone array and SQuadriga II
(for sound recordings and system equalization with 3PASS flex)
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An 8-loudspeaker setup (for 3PASS lab) or a flexible loudspeaker setup (for 3PASS flex) including amplifiers and cables complements the system setup.
3PASS flex: Setup for measurement operation in a car cabin with ACQUA, 3PASS flex, HMS II.3, MFE VI.1,
labBGN, SQuadriga II, 2 microphones, 4 loudspeakers, 1 subwoofer, power amplifiers
3PASS lab: Setup for measurement operation in a test room with ACQUA, 3PASS lab, HMS II.3, HHP IV, MFE VI.1, labBGN, 8 loudspeakers, power amplifiers
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