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  ACQUA Extension Modules (ACOPT) - Overview
Overview ACQUA Extension Modules (ACOPT)
A variety of options allows the individual tailoring of the    communication analysis system ACQUA and its performance to specific fields of application which may range from the evaluation of frequency responses to psychoacoustic models and speech quality analysis systems.
ACOPT 01+ Code 6811
Option Signal Generator and Editor   read more
ACOPT 02+ Code 6812
Signal Analysis   read more
ACOPT 09+ Code 6819
Option SLVM P.56   read more
ACOPT 10 Code 6820
Option TOSQA   read more
ACOPT 11+ Code 6821
Option CLIP   read more
ACOPT 12+ Code 6822
Option DTMF   read more
ACOPT 16 Code 6836
Option PESQ   read more
ACOPT 17+ Code 6839
Option Relative Approach   read more
ACOPT 18+ Code 6840
Option Remote Control ACQUA via COM Interface   read more
ACOPT 19+ Code 6842
Option Online Analysis   read more
ACOPT 20+ Code 6843
Option Quality Pie Wizard   read more
ACOPT 21 Code 6844
Option 3QUEST   read more
ACOPT 22 Code 6847
Option ES 203 021   read more
ACOPT 23 Code 6848
Option GCF   read more
ACOPT 24+ Code 6849
Option PTCRB   read more
ACOPT 25+ Code 6852
Option Psychoacoustic SMDs   read more
ACOPT 26+ Code 6853
Option Roomacoustics   read more
ACOPT 27+ Code 6854
Option Speech Transmission Index (STITEL, STIPA, RASTI)   read more
ACOPT 28+ Code 6855
Option SNRI & TNLR Calculation According to ITU-T G.160 (App. II, Amd. 2)   read more
ACOPT 29 Code 6856
Option EQUEST   read more
ACOPT 30 Code 6857
Option POLQA   read more
ACOPT 31 Code 6858
Option Batch Calculator Tool   read more
ACOPT 32+ Code 6859
Option Speech-based Double Talk   read more
ACOPT 33 Code 6864
Option Turntable Support   read more
ACOPT 34 Code 6865
Option Speech Intelligibility Index (SII)   read more
ACOPT 35 Code 6866
Option 3QUEST-SWB/FB   read more
Note: All ACOPTs require the latest ACQUA version.
ACOPT 03  – ACOPT 08 (Codes 6813 - 6818): No longer available.
Can be replaced by    ArtemiS suite. Details upon request.
+ also available as network license (when ordering, add “N“ to code number for new licenses or add “UGN“ for upgrades of existing licenses, e.g. “Code 6855N“ for ACOPT 28 new license or “Code 6855UGN“ for ACOPT 28 license upgrade)
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