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A2B® Audio Test Solution

Audio applications in modern cars are increasing: From hands-free calling through In-Car Communication (ICC) and eCall to personal audio zones and active noise cancellation (ANC) – and many more. Needless to say that vehicle audio systems have to deliver high-quality audio – and thus must meet customers’ expectations. This requires appropriate technology: Analog Devices, Inc. has developed the Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B®) technology for these purposes.
Testing the audio performance of devices in an A2B network is a big challenge for developers. With the new labCORE hardware extension coreA2B, HEAD acoustics provides a sophisticated solution for testing, manipulating and performing design verification of A2B buses and devices. In conjunction with the multiple inputs and outputs of labCORE and ACQUA’s capabilities of analyzing, filtering and manipulating signals, coreA2B is a full-featured test, measurement and development solution for A2B® systems and components.
With coreA2B, the hardware platform connects for any A2B bus in four user-selectable modes: Master mode, Slave mode, Bus monitor mode and Proxy mode – the mode that provides the key benefits for developers.

Proxy mode

This mode is the key competence of coreA2B, because the extension board gains full control over all data on the bus. This unique feature underlines the pioneering role in innovative measurement technology and gives developers an elementary competitive advantage.
Speech and transmission quality with background noise scenarios
Manipulate all digital data on the bus in ACQUA
Record, process and send user-defined audio data from and to any channel and any node
Mix and insert arbitrary signals to the bus without interference with the original, unaltered signal
Does not take the master or any slave node position
Block diagram coreA2B - Proxy mode
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Bus monitor mode

This mode enables analyzing data traffic on the bus without interference, e.g. when trouble-shooting an existing bus.
coreA2B acts as a “neutral entity”
Receive audio and configuration data
Sniffing on any arbitrary point on the bus
Does not take a node position
Block diagram coreA2B - Bus monitor mode
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Master mode

In this mode, coreA2B replaces the original master (e.g. head unit) and acts as the new master for the A2B bus.
Send and receive audio data
Insert configuration data
Connect up to 10 slaves to coreA2B
Setup is performed via a configuration file exported from Analog Devices software tool SigmaStudio™
Block diagram coreA2B - Master mode
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Slave mode

This mode enables coreA2B to act as a slave node on an existing bus.
Send and receive audio data
Receive configuration data
Replaces any slave
Block diagram coreA2B - Slave mode
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