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HHP III.1 (Code 1403) - HEAD Handset Positioner
As an optional accessory of the Artificial Head Measurement System    HMS II.3, HHP III.1 allows reproducible measurements of the transfer characteristics of handsets as a function of application force according to ITU-T Recommendation P.64. Both “standard test positions” (STP) according to ITU-T P.64 for the pinna types 3.3 and 3.4 are supported. Moreover, HHP III.1 fulfills the requirements regarding the “recommended test position” (RTP) specified by IEEE 269 as well as ITU-T Recommendation P.64. Thus e.g. measurements according to  ANSI TIA/EIA-810B and TIA/EIA-920 can be carried out using the RTP position.
Thanks to the adjustability in all three axes the HHP III.1 allows to position the handset easily and and reproducibly according to any measurement requirements. Current pressure force is shown continuously on a display.
Spatial positioning of the handset is pre-determined by a single component which can be replaced if required. The mechanism is calibratable.
HHP III.1 allows a handset width of up to 93 mm. Larger objects can be tested with the optionally available clamping device CDM-W (Code 1408).
Owners of the previous model HHP III can replace the old clamping device with the new VariMount clamping device (CDM-R - Code 1407). In this case, it is recommended to also order the new carrying case HCC-HHP III.1. Thus, existing customers can upgrade their HHP III to HHP III.1 so they can benefit from the light-weight construction and the variability of handset mounting.
HHP III.1 and HMS II.3
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